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For several years, András worked as managing editor of HINT (Hungary Invest Network and Trade) a quarterly business magazine published by Hamu és Gyémánt Kft., on behalf of ITD Hungary (that time) the Hungarian government’s investment and trade development agency. In his regular editorial column, PRO DOMO, András shared his opinion about general issues in his distinctive - sometimes ironic, sometimes meditative, but always thought-provoking – style.


Simultaneously with the liquidation of ITD Hungary, the publication of HINT has also been discontinued. The editorials follow below in PDF format.



2009        Summer          Forward to the Past

2009        Autumn           Our Place under the Sun       

2009        Winter             No Laughing Matter

2010        Spring             Virtual Unreality

2010        Summer          Unnatural Selection

2010        Autumn           Seeing Red

2010        Winter             Tight Situation

2011        Spring             Age of Discretion

2011        Summer          Doctors Disorders